upper west side

newyork3My husband and I spent a few days in the upper west side of New York City. As we bustled to and from the Amsterdam Diner in the morning, we passed this vine climbing up several stories to the roof of a building. I showed this picture on my Facebook page and someone commented that it looked like Kathleen Kelly’s house in “You’ve Got Mail”. I haven’t seen the movie and the fact that I don’t know who Kathleen Kelly is, could have something to do with my tendency to work in my studio all of the time. If they did use this house front in the movie, I can see why–it’s very appealing! newyork4

I found the wildness of the tangled vines refreshing in such an otherwise tidy and perfect neighborhood. It must look gorgeous in warmer weather, with leaves and possibly flowers!newyork6

newyork5It was frigidly cold and there was a pretty dusting of snow on the sidewalk and stairs.


newyork1This was the view from our hotel, looking toward the grounds of the Natural History Museum.


8 thoughts on “upper west side

  1. Salley, you need to watch “You’ve got Mail”, it’s a classic. Meg Ryan is Kathleen Kelly in it.
    it does look like the house they used in the movie….but then, I’m sure there are hundreds that could pass for it in that city! by the way, I finally got a copy of “Wee Felt Folk”, love it.
    All I need is your autograph in it!
    take care
    Jean Tobey

  2. Thankyou for sharing that…I live in Australia now, but I have been to New York in the winter and it was so classy and interesting. I also got my autographed Wee folk book, I LOVE it and can’t wait to start, it’s so inspiring!, I have had a lot of trouble finding acorn caps, as they can’t be mailed in from overseas due to the customs (boooo!) but I finally found some, Yay!

  3. How lovely, I bet that is a wisteria vine, they are so robust!
    We spent 10 days in NYC near the garment district for Christmas.
    It is a great location for walking to the theaters, museums, even the
    Intrepid with the space shuttle sitting on it. NYC has so much to see and do
    it is just a delight….but I would not want to live there….ummm even if I could afford it.

  4. it looks like the entrance to Jackson Hole park in Wyoming, made out of real ELK antlers horns. YOUR PICTURES ARE ALWAYS AND YOU WORK SO INTERESTING THANKS JEAN

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