at the end of the world


2 days ago, we arrived in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in South America yesterday. For lunch, we had barbecued lamb at a arestaurant/cross country skiing/dog sledding opperation. Since it’s summer, the dogs just hung around outside of their houses.


Our boat headed out to sea last night.



Today, Polly saw her forst iceberg! The seas are unusually calm for the Drake Passage, which makes for a happy boat load of people. Besides the iceberg, we’ve already seen spouting whales and albatross flying near the boat. This is turning into a spectacular trip!




16 thoughts on “at the end of the world

  1. Hi, Sally!
    This is Sue Edwards (Frank), your old Woods Hole friend, thrilled to find you such a joyous, rich presence online! I’ve subscribed to your blogs to enjoy your adventures and art.
    When I saw that you are in Ushuaia, I had to send along the link to this fun video of a woman on a beach on Gold Harbour, South Georgia Island, near Antartica (folks usually set off to reach it from Ushuaia). When I saw this, I just couldn’t get over it. If you have a chance, do cuddle an elephant seal (but be cautious around leopard seals)!

    Here is the Youtube link–


  2. Wow! I feel like Polly, coming along for the ride. Thanks for posting all these wonderful sights — love the icebergs! Brr : )

  3. The chalet certainly looks to be at the back of beyond! I think I’d like to go there in winter for the dogsledding (I went once in Quebec and loved it!). Your adventure on the high seas is very enviable. I hope Polly has a tiny life line holding her safely on deck 🙂 Wendy

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. I rarely get to travel so I enjoy your trips that much more. Your pictures are always wonderful!

  5. Wow the photos of the iceburgs are surreal! Beautiful place. THanks for sharing a place I will likely never get to go in person!

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