Santiago, Chile


We stopped in Santiago, Chile before flying south to Ushuaia, on the very southern tip of Argentina, to catch the boat to Antarctica. Here are some pictures of poet Pablo Neruda’s house, a fish market and a winery. Polly met some locals her size. She was hot in her wool coat, but kept in on for the sake of fashion. I’ll be posting a picture a day on Facebook as long as we have internet service.









9 thoughts on “Santiago, Chile

  1. Oh, Polly must be roasting but I can understand wanting to keep the jacket on “for sake of fashion” because it is a beautiful jacket. How wonderful a tour for her and she will need the jacket later on. Have a great time and thanks for sending pictures. have a good one

  2. Hi Sally,
    How nice to see the locals Polly met in Chile.
    Is the poet Pablo “Neruga” any relation to Pablo Neruda?
    His next door neighbor perhaps…wink, wink…
    Thank you for your awesome posts from around the globe!
    Please keep them coming as I can’t get enough.

  3. I love the doorway that is surrounded by painted greenery and birds. It seems fittingly seasonal and reminds me of the First Day of Christmas, what with the Partridge in a Pear Tree motif and all. The flanking piscine and avian images are beautiful too. Thank you for sharing artwork from sunny Chile!

    ~Cathy Gronewold

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