Family Trees: Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…in a Christmas tree? This was one of the first ornaments I made for the Family Trees event at the Concord Museum. And, it is one of the few that I remembered to photograph during the process. The tree is covered with decorations based on my picture book Pocketful of Posies: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes. This sketch of Humpty Dumpty is originally about 1 inch tall.

While working on it, I figured out how to make a wooden shelf for the wall to sit on. Every thing is covered in stitched felt, including the wood shelf, wall and the teardrop shaped wire frame. I bought an egg sized wooden egg at a craft store, painted it and dressed the round body in embroidered striped felt “pants”. A white belt made of antique trim finished off the waste band.

I drilled holes for the arms and legs and wrapped the wire hands and pipe cleaner limbs with thread. A bow tie seemed appropriate for this dandy!

I sewed some wee felt shoes onto his feet, with chain-stitched soles.

I’ve had the little brown metal bowler for ages and decided it would be a perfect hat for Humpty. White glue holds it aloft his pointy head. I made the stone wall from an appliqued felt covered piece of wood.

Humpty Dumpty waves cheerfully from his stone perch, unaware of his impending fall! See all of the posts about the Pocketful of Posies tree here.

A total of 38 decorated trees inspired by classic and contemporary children’s books are on display at the Concord Museum until January 1, 2013.

17 thoughts on “Family Trees: Humpty Dumpty

  1. Your Creativity is Amazing Salley. Thank you for graciously showing us the creative and development process of your creations. I cherish every post and photo.
    GOD Bless,

  2. There is just no end to your talent and creativity, Salley! I could never have envisioned the making of Humpty in a million years.

  3. I just love this Salley, you really can do anything! I love the idea of your work being Christmas decorations, just fabulous!

  4. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous. The details are incredible. Oh, I got the 2 posters that I won a few weeks ago. I just love them. I plan on putting them up in my sewing room. What are your plans for the ornaments when the exhibit is finished?

    • Thanks, Donna. I’m glad you like the posters. As for the future of the ornaments–they will be taken apart and recycled. I know that this idea might shock some readers, but many of the dolls were “borrowed” from other projects that I haven’t yet talked about on this blog. I think of the tree as a production with the striking of the set at the end.

  5. How delightful to see “Humpty”! Your details are marvelous and I love that you added the pom fringe on the bottom…always an unexpected touch!

  6. Such tiny details on this little guy! He looks so cheery waving there, if only he knew… His shoe soles look like they’re non-slip treads, but I guess even that didn’t help him in the end 😦 Wendy

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