Birds of Beebe Woods: wren

Last Friday, both floors of Highfield Hall were packed with people celebrating the opening of the Beebe Woods themed exhibits. The event joined the arts with the cause of preserving open space in Falmouth. Along with the art displayed throughout, there was a sound-scape piece and local poets read their poems about Beebe Woods. The curator, Annie Dean did a wonderful job of encouraging individuals as well as bringing together the different groups in town.

I learned so much about the birds of our region, while researching my contribution to the  show, Birds  of  Beebe Woods (pictured above). I wanted to show birds of varying sizes, and the wren was one on the small side. They have such a characteristic stance, with their tail pointing upwards at a sharp right angle. I printed out tons of photos and illustrations of wrens and tried to copy their markings and feather patterns correctly.

An 18″ x 24″ poster and note cards of Birds of Beebe Woods are available in my Etsy Shop.

Find out more about the Birds of Beebe Woods fabric relief here.

After attaching the feet, I found that the bird could stand on its own.

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16 thoughts on “Birds of Beebe Woods: wren

  1. You did an outstanding job on the wren! I had one nest in a basket on my back porch this year. She (or he?) would hop up on the edge of the basket and sing me a little song almost every morning. I could see her looking at me through the kitchen window!! This beautiful piece brings back that special memory.

    • I’m glad you like the little wren. It could stand up with the legs because it is so small. The other birds all have legs, too, but they are too heavy to stand on their own.

  2. It really is amazing to see the little wren “growing” from pieces of felt into a real bird !!!!
    Love wrens, they often are in our garden. And the voice they have ! Quite loud : to tell the other wrens: don’t come near this is my place (when it’s another male ofcourse 😉 !)

  3. wow just found your page thru a FB friend and absolutely luv your work I would give you a standing ovation {hope i spelt that right )
    for all the time and talent that you have :O)

  4. Just love your birds. Wish you could publish a book on how to do them. I would purchase that even tho I am not into the dolls and other things. All your work is just magical. I hope you enjoy it as much as it looks like you do. Looks like the most perfect life I have seen yet.
    Peace and joy to you. Thanks for the joy you share with all of us.:)

  5. Adore the Wren. We have a pair every year in garden and so look forward to their yearly return. You have captured their spirit beautifully and I can hear him sing!!!

  6. Hello! and thank you for sharing your spectacular art with us!! Your little Wren is breathtakingly life like!! my son has been in love with birds since the age of 7 yrs, he is now 50yrs old, and they are still his passion! every weekend he is off with his wife birdwatching all over the country!!
    He would love this beautiful little bird of yours!! you are such a wonderful artist!

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