An Irish Sojourn

Rob and I just returned from a magical visit to Ireland. We traveled with a group of Celtic music lovers who were brought together by Boston’s WGBH. The Learning Tour — An Irish Sojourn was led by WGBH radio Celtic music host Brian O’Donovan, who took us from county Cork and up the eastern coast to Dublin.

This is just a sampling of what we saw on our trip–there will be many more pictures to show in the weeks ahead. There’ll be more doorways, windows, storefronts, landscapes and moss!

11 thoughts on “An Irish Sojourn

  1. THANK YOU………….my sibs (and our late mom) always wanted to go to Ireland, but “someone” doesn’t think there is “anything to do there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? Please keep the pictures coming. I love the DOORS, and storefronts, and to see where my ancestors could have walked in Cork!

  2. Thanks so very much sharing these awesome pictures, my niece went to one part of Ireland last year and is going again this fall.

  3. Oh Sally, what a Magical trip!! Can’t wait to see more photos. I love doors and windows too. All those scenes could be scenes in your books. The steps…the moss covered trees, the streetscape!

  4. I spent 3 weeks in Ireland a few years back. We were based in Dublin and went to the Aran Islands, all around the ring of Kerry, up into Northern Ireland and into Cork as well. It truly is a magical place and I would go back in a heartbeat. The green is greener, the sky is lovely and the Guiness does taste better there! Look forward to seeing your photos. Cheers!

  5. One of my grandfathers was from Ireland…sure would love to see that country. It is such fun to see the pictures from your travels. Won’t you have even more inspiration for needlework after this visit? Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing your lovely experience. Love the moss. I make terrariums with it and it is like a little magical wonderland in each bottle. Look forward to seeing more of your inspirational experience!

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