11 thoughts on “Ashley’s beach faces

  1. These are delightful—and so creative. And what a decision Ashley has to make after she’s photographed one—to leave it for others to see and appreciate or to take the plastic pieces, toothbrushes and other man-made objects to the nearest garbage can.

  2. Neat! Forwarded this one to Ella who’s already turning 12 in a couple of weeks….hard to believe! Hope your summer is going well! Ours is busy and fun, most of the time! Love and hug, Maria

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  3. Although I see the creativity in these photos, I see a deeper message. The Importance of Recycling..
    To my mind this a look into the future of our beaches.. Where once it was place where a child came to discover sea shells.. Now you discover toothbrushes and discarded plastics.
    I hope your friend consider sending these to a Recycling Group or Program to educate children and adults the importance of Recycling..
    Place trash in trash cans or take it home and dispose of it.. or else, their children too, will walk the beaches where instead of find shells, it will be rusted cans and plastic bottles..
    GOD Bless,

    • Thank you for your comment, Rebecca. Unfortunately, most of the plastic found on beaches is not from local littering. The trash originates with international deep sea dumping, then travels hundreds of miles in ocean currents. It breaks down to samller pieces and washes ashore onto coastal beaches.

  4. You are all right, some of the trash is from the ocean, miles away and much of it is more local. What strikes me, in the last 10 years, is the absence of “sea glass”-one never finds it.

    Pamela, I always photograph, then clean up the trash and leave the organic. In fact, since I have a dog and a couple of poop bags always in my pocket, I can always fill a bag with beach trash, whether I have time for a face or not.

    Like making art anywhere-making these faces makes one slow down and truly look, smell, feel and experience the beach environment.

  5. Wonderful. This might be a fun way to get kids to help clean up the beach. The talent won’t be a fine, but a good project just the same 🙂 Hugs, Ashley.

  6. These are fantastic! I love Ashley’s creative genius. Somehow, I can see her in my mind’s eye creating these faces while her dog looks on…
    It seems that sea glass is now a collectible item.

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