Self Portrait in Cotuit show

Self-Portrait detail, 2007

One of my fabric relief pieces, Self Portrait: A Personal History of Fashion is on display this summer at the Cotuit Center for the Arts in Cotuit on Cape Cod. It’s included in the PORTRAITS show upstairs through July 22, 2012. The Center’s main floor gallery is showing portraits by super realist painter Jon Friedman. I hope that summer visitors to the Cape will stop in to take a look!

FREE Felt Wee Folk Fairy Poster (left) with the purchase of a signed SELF PORTRAIT: A Personal History of Fashion Poster (pictured below) from my Etsy Shop. All posters are 18″ x 24″.

ALSO– Fairy poster is included with the purchase of my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects from my Etsy shop.

Self Portrait Poster

10 thoughts on “Self Portrait in Cotuit show

  1. oh my goodness salley, i had to comment and say that i see myself in so many of these fashion statements! my birthday is april 14, l956, so we were apparently dressed by the same mother, then the same fashion sensibility. i had that poncho…my grandmother made mine. several others are so close! we could spend a good half day discussing the good the bad and the ugly of 50’s-90’s fashion! thanks for posting…so many memories!

  2. Salley, your posts are a delight. I look forward to them because they make me smile. Yes, I too remember dressing in clothes like you’ve shown even though I’m a little bit older.

  3. I peek at your blog once in a while, wishing I lived in the Northeast so I could see one of your exhibits in person. By coincidence I happened to order this poster last week and was delighted to get your note that you were including the fairy poster. I’ve made so many of those little things for gifts. I always smile when I walk through the dean’s office at the law school where I work and see one of my Salley-inspired flower fairies sitting in a place of honor on his assistant’s desk.

  4. I’m crazy about your self-portrait, Salley. All those darling costumes! So much joy expressed in this piece!! Love the rainboe of color and your choice of background fabric, too. It is a treasure!!!!

  5. How in the world have I never seen your blog before?? Signing up at once!
    Greetings from your fellow stumpwork fan (albeit on nothing like as impressive a scale) in Yorkshire, England.=)

  6. Hi Salley, I so enjoyed your talks at Bayberry Quilters on Cape Cod and am greatly impressed with your work. You showed a video of your Self Portrait piece at the meeting. I thought you mentioned that the video was available online to look at. I told a friend about it and would like her to be able to see it. Can you shed some light on this? Thank you!

    • Hi Nancy, I certainly enjoyed my visit to Bayberry Quilters. The “Self Portrait” video is still not ready to be put online. For the time being, I am just showing it in my lectures. We hope to put it online sometime in the future.

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