coming to Portland, OR

I’ll be going out west to Portland, Oregon this spring to visit my sister Anne.  She helped me set up an event at a wonderful fiber arts shop called Gossamer

The owner, Rose used to sell my fairy kits when she ran the store at the Portland Waldorf School, so she is familiar with my work. Now, she is happy to have her own shop, which sells fiber arts materials and Waldorf supplies. On Sunday, April 1st at 3:00 pm, I’ll be there to give an illustrated talk, show the Rabbitat film, sign copies of Pocketful of Posies and meet people, including some blog followers from Portland. I’m thinking of bringing some original fabric reliefs to show, too.

Closer to home, my next presentation will be Wed., Feb. 8th at 12:30 pm at the Falmouth Congregational Church, on the village green, Falmouth, MA. The public is welcome to come hear me talk about my work and see some original fabric relief pieces.

15 thoughts on “coming to Portland, OR

  1. Oh my goodness, can you feel me jumping for joy! I will try very hard to make it to this event. I live about 3.5 hours away over the mountains, but this would be so fantastic. I hope I can make it happen. I’ll spread the word here!

  2. Oh how exciting!! I live in a small town about 40 minutes outside of Portland and am really looking forward to this event. Your work is so inspiring to me! What a treat!

  3. Salley, I hope you have a great trip, a fun visit with your sister and an awesome turnout for your talk! I sure would come if it was in my neck of the woods. Your book really turned out so well. You’re an inspiration. I hope you’re having fun in your studio! Gossamer looks like a neat place to give a talk. All that yummy color! 🙂

  4. I am SO excited! I love Wee Folk and I make them all the time. I will be coming, for sure. Do I need to sign up or anything?
    Thanks for coming to Portland!!

  5. Wow! We just came to your blog for the first time, looking for inspiration before working on our on Wee Folk dolls and saw this notice! I have been shopping at Gossamer since it opened (most of our doll making supplies come from Rose’s shop) and my daughter and I are so looking forward to your visit! Hooray!

  6. I hope you’ll come South and enjoy our hospitality.
    From North Carolina….

    I follow your blog just for the delight! Your work always makes me smile. When my daughter was young, she and a good friend made dolls of yours at the kitchen counter for months (even years), on end. Now her friend has a degree in costume design and is employed at Disney in Florida. She is making rabbit costumes for one of the villages. My daughter is pursuing a PhD in Chemistry where she says she can be just as creative in the lab as she was at our kitchen counter. You just never know how far your influence will travel! Bless you.

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