Turkey (Bodrum)

I’m still going through the 1000+ photos from our trip to Turkey last fall and have decided to post this group from Bodrum, which is located on the south-western coast.  We had this hill-top view from our hotel, where we stayed before we met up with our chartered boat and started cruising around the area. 

In the morning, we walked downhill into the town, past these white washed houses.

And walked over to see Bodrum Castle, which was built by Crusader Knights in 1402.

We saw suits of chain mail armor on display.

Inside the castle was a museum with ancient stone sculptures lying around the courtyard.

This statues looked better with a head (my husband Rob’s).

We saw amphoras stacked together, as if they were in the hull of a ship.

Then we walked along the pier, wondering which boat would take us out to sea. On top of this bright pink car, the sign says TAKSI. We learned that there is no X in their alphabet.

Fishmongers were set up on the docks.

The next day, we headed out on our cruise, which I wrote about here.

5 thoughts on “Turkey (Bodrum)

  1. Your trip pictures inspire a trip to Turkey. Thanks for sharing……you must have had a fabulous time!! I remember your pictures of houses in Ojai was part of the inspiration for a trip there (the other part was taking a quilt to be “finished” with a gal’s “long arm” since I can’t do that part). What a great place that is and I never would have known what to expect or made as much effort to go if you hadn’t posted the charming pictures of Ojai houses. Keep sharing!!

  2. I have never really thought about Turkey as a travel destination for me but after seeing your adventure in photos I would love to see these places for myself. I love the “statue” photo of your hubby! I would totally make my hubby pose for fun photos like this one too!

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