Turkey (windows)

As promised in the earlier post of Turkish Doorways, here is a selection of window pictures, which I took on my recent trip to Turkey.  My traveling mates learned to be patient while I stopped to click photos around almost every corner. What is it about windows and doors that makes me stop and look? They frame shapes, patterns and textures that reflect the style and culture of a place, as well as bring a mood of mystery as to what’s on the other side.

14 thoughts on “Turkey (windows)

  1. They are beautiful pictures. I often stop and look at doors and windows as well. I wonder what goes on inside? Imagination runs wild and then I want to paint them or create a picture of them somehow. These are wonderful. thanks so much for traveling and taking us with you.

  2. That first picture has to be my favourite, I could just imagine this worked into an embroidered picture.

    I am working on a picture that has a scene from the Derbyshire hills in England where I have spent many years whilst my children grew and I shall be using an arched window shaped frame for it

  3. Loving these window and door posts. Really speaks to me. Would be fun to make a lift the flap book on a door/window theme. Behind each door a wee Turk folkperson with a special Turkish food/dish, or simply dressed in a special Turkish costume/holiday outfit. Hoş Geldiniz için evime.

  4. Gorgeous photos of fascinating Windows ..and to think I clicked the link to your page intrigued about the creation of a Window decoration that involved a Turkey? Stained glass perhaps…felt turkey embroidered and hanging down in the sunshine to be admired… nop Turkey the country oops ..I felt a bit silly /absurd there for a moment…but it made me smile.
    I especially love the deepset niche windows ..both the tiled alcove and the one with a view of the tree ..lovely Thank you!

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