Delectable Mountain

I’ve heard about Delectable Mountain for years and finally got to visit this past summer. We’ve gone to Brattleboro, Vermont a lot lately because of my show at the Brattleboro Museum. We’ll be heading there again this Saturday, Oct. 15th for my talk at 3:00 pm. I was glad to find out that both the museum and Delectable Mountain survived the storm (Irene) in August.

Delectable Mountain is not your ordinary fabric store. Everything is beautiful and luscious; silk, brocade, buttons, trims. There are no bolts of cotton to be found.

Old lady’s hats are displayed among the fine fabric, scarves and buttons.

Remnants of silk are bundled together and laid out in boxes.

Larger pieces are stacked in shelves.

Looking at this fabric makes me want to conjure up a special occasion to make a garment for.

While I was there, several husbands waited impatiently while their wives became more and more mesmerized. 

The button selection is to die for.

I liked the way they displayed the buttons in small glass dishes and  bowls. It all glistened and sparkled.

I bought some of these bone buttons, along with some pieces of cloth that I couldn’t live without. This shop is well worth a visit!

14 thoughts on “Delectable Mountain

  1. Salley, what a treasure trove of buttons, I think we will see some of them in your work in the future. All the silks are fabulous. You find the most wonderful places to share with your fans, thank you.


  2. How gorgeous. It almost makes me want to learn to sew 🙂 a task I am hopeless at. Makes me miss Vermont, too. I remember rattling to Brattleboro in an old small bus during a snowstorm. Glad you are getting to enjoy it in the beautiful gold-leafy time of year.

  3. Oh, it is a beautiful shop! I happened upon it when coming home from camping in the Northeast Kingdom. Its one of those places that hits you in your soul- JUICY!

  4. What a wonderful place. I visited there when I went to see your show at the museum. I didn’t take pictures of the shop but mentioned it on my blog. I do wish now I’d bought fabric for a doll I’m making. I only bought the tiny lace. I’m thinking on one hand it is a good thing that I don’t live nearby but I wish I did on the other hand. It is a beautiful town and this shop is mesmerizing inside. thanks for sharing the pictures.

  5. Oh what Paradise! It’s not really a husband kind of shop, is it? I’ve been in a similar shop near where I live in England, and there were a few blokes shuffling about, looking slightly worried. I would have bought some of those buttons too.

  6. WOW! Not much more to say, except that this is another stop I’d like to make when visiting Brattleboro. Thanks for letting us all know about Delectable Mountain.

  7. I’ll have to stop in the next time I’m in Brattleboro–it looks marvelous, and would be a perfect place to go for swatches for the crazy quilt I’m planning to make this year! The bowls are a wonderful way to display the buttons. I was just up at the bead shop in Brattleboro, a few doors down, and they display their beads this way–just beautiful.

  8. Delectable Mountain has survived the fabric store closing of the last century. Started in the wave of back to the land time it has weathered well all thestorm and is a destination for many wearable artists. No trip to Brattleboro is complete without a visit.

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