magical island

South of Woods Hole, most of the islands in the chain of Elizabeth Islands are private and protected from development. The only public settlement is on Cuttyhunk, which we visited earlier this summer (see post here). 

Lately, I’ve been doing more adventuring than sewing, although I am working on something that I can’t show until later. We went to this particular island to visit our friends Heydt and Barbara, who are the caretakers.

We walked to the top the highest hill and took in the view, while Heydt shaded himself under an umbrella.

I brought Barbara some dahlias from my garden. Their old boat sits on the lawn near their house.

There were scrub pines in a low, sheltered area.

And bursting milkweed pods.

This monarch larvae was happily eating a milkweed leaf.

I found many dead horseshoe crabs washed up on the beach by the storm, Irene.

What a beautiful, peaceful day!

6 thoughts on “magical island

  1. I loved seeing the rusticness of this lovely island…and knew once I saw the popping milkweed pods, there must be a monarch caterpillar nearby! Thanks again for some lovely images of n
    ature, island life, as well as your dear, and fortunate friends. It’s too bad that so many horseshoe crabs were not very fortunate! They are amazing and ancient creatures and often aren’t appreciated for what they are, and for their long legacy in the animal kingdom. Enjoy the colors and beauty of autumn…I look forward to more special shared moments, and hearing more about your new project as well!

  2. Hello Sally, This is my first time writing here. Sorry about the incorrect English …

    I hope you’ll see the email with my photos from Israel when you return from vacation. Pictures of my work inspired by your book. I hope I sent it to the correct address

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