Irene’s wind

By the time Irene made to us, she was downgraded to a tropical storm. Here are a few photos taken at the Woods Hole Yacht Club before the height of the storm, looking out the fully cleared dingy pier and the practically empty harbor. I’m glad to say our boat held firmly to its mooring.

5 thoughts on “Irene’s wind

  1. Great spot to enjoy the storm. We are still without power and just found out the beach is closed till they check for bacteria, so guess that means all the coves I could paddle in. Such a beautiful day, need to get in my kayak;)


  2. Hang in there, Salley! I hope you and your family are safe. I also wanted to thank you for recommending the books by Renata Liwiska (The Quiet Book, etc.). The illustrations are inspirational and well worth studying.

  3. Terrific photos! It was quite strong here in southern CT, but we personally didn’t incur any damage beyond tree branches. The shoreline was not so lucky. Most thankful it wasn’t worse than it was!

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