3 illustrators get together

Last week, illustrator Ashley Wolff came to visit. We were classmates at RISD in the 70’s and haven’t seen each other for several years, so it was great to catch up. She was traveling with her most recent border collie, Tula.

Ashley has illustrated a ton of beautiful books, including the popular Miss Bindergarten series, which features a border collie kindergarten teacher.

Miss Bindergarten is available as a stuffed doll, a perfect replica of the book character in her green pinafore. Ashley brings Miss Bindergarten along on her travels and she took a picture of her in my studio with my wedding dolls.

I invited my neighbor, Molly Bang and her husband Jim over for dinner, thinking it would be fun to introduce her to Ashley. It turns out they know each other already, from an illustrators group in San Fransisco, where Ashley lives and Molly lives half the year.

Salley, (Tula), Ashley and Molly

Out on our patio, we had a vegetarian meal made with my garden produce; tomato pie, zucchini pancakes, string beans and cucumber salad.

I’m glad to know such talented and nice people, who happen to be successful in the children’s book world. Here are some of Molly’s wonderful award-winning books.

9 thoughts on “3 illustrators get together

  1. What a wonderful gathering of talented and gentle folks! I loved seeing Miss Bindergarten and one of the dogs, Tula, who inspire(d)s Molly Bang to create such a novel teacher. I have seen that series of books so am thrilled to “meet” the illustrator. Our one grandie starts K this year so I am very excited to get one book from the series for our Emma. And I have always loved Border Collies so it’s a good excuse to go out and buy another book! Thank you so much for sharing your bounty of good friends, neighbors, as well as the yummy dinner, fresh from your garden. Cheers to you all and more gratitude for keeping us informed! Pam

  2. What a wonderful story line and I love Border Collies, since I have one of my own. They are such sweet and smart dogs and so loyal, he is my constant companion. So wonderful that you could spend the day together and enjoy your garden produce. Tonight i had noodles with fresh stewed tomatoes and green beans, love having fresh garden goodies of my own.


  3. Wonderful story wish I was at your dinner. Could you please send the receipes? Thanks Love all of you and her books.

  4. How fun……….have the Miss Bindergarten books AND the stuffed dog to go with it. Have heard of Molly Bang and don’t remember if I have some of her books. It’s good to see what lovely people these gals are….it’s apparent just looking at them. Readers often wonder what authors of certain books are like and it is satisfying to find out this way. Thanks!!

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