North Fork, LI (more houses)

OK, this is the last of the Long Island pictures. I took tons of photos of  houses and it was hard to cull it down to a few. Happy Forth of July! I’m off to see our playful science-focused parade in Woods Hole and then tonight we’ll watch the Falmouth fireworks display from a boat.

8 thoughts on “North Fork, LI (more houses)

  1. Each and every house is charming! I would never be able to pick a favorite, though I lean towards verandas and picket fences. Thanks for sharing and happy holiday!

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos of your trip, it does bring back so many wonderful memories. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day today. Our town does fireworks, but so many people go now, that it is too crowded to even walk in. Most of the boaters here go out to watch, so going out in a kayak would be risky;)


  3. I have really enjoyed your LI photos. We are touring LI at this very moment as well, via sailboat. We sailed up from Jekyll Island, GA (another beautiful island) and I have been sewing all along the way. Sometimes I have electricity and things are calm enough to get out my small sewing machine. Often they are not. I can knit at almost any angle of heeling. Your blog is an inspiration. Thank you.

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