North Fork, Long Island (porches)

Last week, Rob and I spent a few days at the North Fork of Long Island, NY. We didn’t venture far from the ferry dock at Orient Point before a “restaurant” sign led us to the Orient General Store, where we had some tasty sandwiches.

Rob and Salley at Orient General Store

I took a ton of photos, mostly of houses in the area, which I’ve divided into categories, this one focusing on porches. I’ll be showing others in the next few posts.

Some were well kept …
and others were more ramshackle, which I like, too.
The rooster and convertible drew me to this one, along with the color combination.
I walked around this neighborhood early in the morning.
The air was still and sleepy.

10 thoughts on “North Fork, Long Island (porches)

  1. Glad my porch wasn’t posted as “ramshackle”……better go out and check on the condition of our porch (actually….we don’t have a front porch…..just joking!) Fun to see porches with comfortable chairs….makes me remember a wonderful trip up the coast of Maine and seeing quaint front porches like these.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your trip. Also a belated Happy 30th Anniversary to you both…my husband and I celebrate the same milestone in July. Many congratulations!

  3. The only thing I remember about Orient Point was the ferry landing. We stayed in Amagansett with my grandmother, so spent the summer on that area, since a lot of relatives lived there.


  4. Love the pictures. Porches were once a gathering place on warm summer evenings before air conditioning and computers. People knew their neighbors and life was simpler no texting, talking was the way to communicate. 🙂

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