key chain doodle

I made this key chain during the doll workshop in Muscatine last week. I’ve got to keep my hands busy, and this is my way of doodling, just taking a simple wooden bead, covering it with felt and decorating it with stitches.

I sewed on a flower petal we had on hand for the fairy dolls.

 The felt pieces fit around the bead like a beach ball. I used my favorite leaf stitch after the bead was covered.  Sorry this isn’t a tutorial, but I’ve sworn off writing directions! This kind of thing could also work as an ornament.

14 thoughts on “key chain doodle

  1. Salley,
    How did you sew the felt onto the wooden bead? How did figure out how to cut the fabric the correct shape and size? That’s a cool little technique.

  2. your doodle is great and my kind of instruction writing. At first i thought i was transported back to the 70’s or was it 60’s and looking at macrame again but realized my mistake. love it all, thanks, scarlette

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