61 years ago today

My parents, Mary and Jim Mavor, were married 61 years ago on March 25, 1950. This plate was a wedding gift and it’s now hanging in my kitchen. An artist and engineer couple, they were married for 55 years before my mother passed away, with my father dying the next year. Please let me indulge in nostalgia, while I show some favorite pictures.

They were married in my mother’s home in Providence , RI. I love these pictures of my parents as a young handsome couple. When my sons saw these pictures, they said, “Grandma was a Babe!”

What a handful we must have been, three children in 4 years. I’m on my Daddy’s lap, being grabbed by my younger (by 13 months) brother.

This is one of the last photos of them together.

21 thoughts on “61 years ago today

  1. Salley – what first caught my attention was 61 – then 1950. I was born in 1950. But oh how sweet was this visit – seeing the love your parents shared. I know this is a deeply special entry for you – revel in the strong heritage you have – both artistically and lovingly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. They were a fabulous looking couple…amazingly happy, attractive and devoted! Your mom stayed so beautiful and your dad quite handsome throughout their lives. You kids were adorable.

    Thanks for giving us this glimpse of these attractive, happy people. They bring me back to my own childhood when times were simpler and people were classier. This was truly a lovely post. I know you must miss them terribly but how wonderful of you to share their lives with us!

  3. How lovely to have these items and memories Salley. They do indeed look like they had a fantastic life together. My Hb and I celebrate 30 years in July and hope for another 30 to come!

  4. Your parents were such a handsome couple! I could see you in your mom’s early pictures. They left you with a wonderful heritage and such a legacy of creativity. Loved this post. The plate is adorable……Think of how rich of a legacy you are leaving to your children. It keeps the generations together in spirit and we are never totally gone from our families.

  5. What a beautiful family and how wonderful that your parents enjoyed 55 years together. I am sure that they are together again.

  6. Loved seeing these photos of your dear parents…one can sense their spirits by looking at these images. My sister and her husband have been married 54 years and they have the same wedding plate. I have always loved it! My husband and I just celebrated 44 years of marriage, a week ago today, and I would love to know that someday, our son(s) might post a tribute like this. Bless you for sharing…I imagine that your mom and dad are having a “heavenly” time with all this attention! 😉

  7. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Having just lost my father last month, who was likewise married to my mom (still with us) for 55 years, and being in the process of moving her household and looking over similar photos of a happier, more hopeful time in their lives, I was moved to tears. It is both wonderful and bittersweet to have snaps and objects to cherish, isn’t it.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing these, Salley! Love all of the pictures, but especially the one on the beach where he’s carrying her on his back. Priceless!

  9. You sons are correct. Your mom was a babe and was beautiful. And your dad was a very handsome man. How lucky to grow up in a loving family. My parents were married for 59 years when my mom died three years ago and my dad just married a lovely woman who was a friend of my mom’s. What a great example of love that endures and new love he has given us.

  10. What wonderful photos of your parents and how special they must have been. This year in Sept 2nd will be our 50th. I can’t believe all those years have gone by so fast.

  11. Oh, those are great photos! They look so happy and such a great match! My parents just celebrated their 50th last year and my brother and I also did a lot with the old photos. It’s so wonderful that we have these records of their lives…

  12. Oh, you know what? I just loved seeing the wonderful photos of your parents! A lovely tribute, with so much palpable heart! Family is EVERYTHING! My husband and I are also engineer and artist, a coincidence. Hope we will be remembered in such a loving way as you have done with your folks.

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