winter in Woods Hole

I rode the bike path to Woods Hole today. The path is plowed and mostly clear of snow and ice, so I bundled up in a ski mask and mittens and joined the walkers on the path. Didn’t see one other bicyclist.

view of Vineyard Sound from the bike path

The day was so crystal clear and calm!  Some people who just come to the Cape in the summer can’t imagine what it’s like here off-season.

Fishmonger's Cafe, Water St., Woods Hole

The sidewalks are empty and the drawbridge hardly ever goes up.

Row boats rest upside down.

Eel Pond dock, Woods Hole

The color palette is blue, gray and red.

Millfield St., Woods Hole

It was a lovely ride around town.  Happy New Year!

School St., Woods Hole

13 thoughts on “winter in Woods Hole

  1. Having never been to New England and especially with our dear friends having moved to Massachusetts, I so enjoy your local photos. It is just beautiful there! If we get to visit, I think I will choose winter with no tourists everywhere!

  2. Beautiful photos, Happy New Year and enjoy the cycling :0) Our artic weather here in the UK has finally thawed and we are looking forward to celebrating tonight.

  3. Quite beautiful! I love New England in the winter. Yesterday we went to MA to the Butterfly Conservatory again. Butterflies indoors, snow outdoors…only in New England! Happy New Year, Salley!

  4. Thanks, Salley, for all of the beauty you brought into our lives this year! Best wishes to you and your family for a Happy and Healthy 2011!

  5. Well, we all need to pack a weekend bag and head on up to Woods Hole. We can visit Salley, stroll or ride around for an afternoon AND maybe get to see some of her work at a local display! Ahhh the imagination!! It can create a woodland fairy – and dream about a visit to Woods Hole being a reality. Happy New Year Salley!!

  6. After 60 on-&-off years of WH, I’m so sick of the place I may never go back………..but the pictures still make me feel a little homesick, so thanks.


    ps I said a LITTLE homesick.

  7. What a wonderful place to live, year round! I love “seeing” the Cape, even though we cannot be there right now. Thank you for sharing again…and a very Happy and Blessed New Year to you and yours!

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