Yuletide wreath

I recently picked some rose hips and other winter berries along the bike path to Woods Hole.

They were thorny and nasty to pick with wool gloves. I loaded them into my bicycle basket.

I cut off the thorn tips before making a wreath.

To add some greenery, I pruned a holly bush in our yard. More sharp points to deal with.

I used green wire to tie the holly and winter berry branches to a wreath form.

It’s now hung on our front door. Welcome Yule!

11 thoughts on “Yuletide wreath

  1. This is so Eastern-looking and makes my childhood California Christmases pale in comparison. I remember riding my first big bike that was found under the tree and the having to wear shorts it was so hot outside at the beach….in the 80’s. Love your wreath. BEAUTIFUL and so traditional-looking.

  2. So beautiful. Love the gray-brown of the first picture with the shots of red from the bike and the wreath supplies. I saw a host of robins devouring red berries on a gray tree the other day and this puts me in mind of that. Looks like your wreath was worth all the pricked fingers (good thing you didn’t come across a spinning wheel from “Sleeping Beauty” while out gathering 🙂

  3. You live in an amazing part of the country.
    Your wreath is beautiful. I especially love the way most New Englanders decorate for Christmas. simply and with the emphasis on greenery and berries and candles.

    My copy of your Pocketful Of Posies has finally arrived and
    I m pouring over every marvelous detail. I bought a second copy to give as a present.

    Hoping you and your family have a joyous Christmas and
    a wonderful New Year 2011.

  4. Merry Christmas Salley,

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts in 2010 and looking forward to what you will be creating next year. Your wreath is just gorgeous and as usual you have created something special and shared it with your fans.

    Best wishes to you and yours.


  5. I love the beauty of nature that you capture in all your creations, Salley! Thanks for the post! Merry Christmas! Thank you too, for the Iris doll. The quality of your work is impeccable and the detail blows my mind!

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