Favorites: Mimi’s ceramic ornaments

Decorating our Christmas tree is a trip down memory lane. We have some really old decorations and ornaments that I showed last year (here), but some of my favorites are ones we’ve added more recently, like 27 years ago, when I bought these ceramic ornaments by Mimi Kirchner.

I got this baby one in 1983, the year my son Peter was born. Mimi and I met each other about 30 years ago, when we were both members of the Christmas Store coop (now Sign of the Dove).

At this time, Mimi worked in ceramics, making wonderful hand painted bowls, dishes and ornaments. Years later, after her studio was destroyed by fire, she changed mediums and started making her distinctive dolls. I can see her style carrying through to her present work, which you see on her blog here. Also, see her Tiny World pin cushions on an earlier post here.

8 thoughts on “Favorites: Mimi’s ceramic ornaments

  1. Wow what lovely dated ornaments, amazingly I am featuring my dated ornaments on my tree on my blog…my tree holds such memories too. Enjoy the festive season, we are covered in snow here in the UK..brrr.
    Jane x

  2. Your dated ornaments from Christmases past, remind us also of shared memories from vintage family ornaments as we hang them lovingly upon Christmas tree branches. Wishing you and those you love a Merry Christmas. Thank you for sharing so generously with us all your lovely works and thoughts through out the year. Indeed, I am dreaming of actually meeting you someday, as are so many other admirers of your art. I always feel a sense of joyfulness whenever I visit your site, your artworks are a nurturing source of wonderment for so many.

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