Treasures (skating gnomes)

This special group of wooden gnomes came from my husband’s family. I love unpacking them at Christmas time because they look ready to jump out of the box, like northern European versions of Mexican jumping beans. 

They seem like they are skating or nervously hopping on one leg. They’re tiny, too, about 1 1/2 inches tall.

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19 thoughts on “Treasures (skating gnomes)

  1. I honestly laughed out loud! How much fun is this!! Thanks Salley! I imagined a small forest opening at dusk – a small patch of ice and these nimble little fellows whooping it up before the dark settled in. 🙂

  2. What funny little guys! They probably were ready to jump out of their box, eager to start hopping and skating after lying in darkness for the better part of a year.

    We likewise set free a big gaggle of little wooden people this time of year, after setting up their Christmas village of cardboard houses and brushy pine trees set atop old white polystyrene boxes for snow, bordering an aluminum foil river.

    The people and animals still haven’t entered the town, however. Real reason: daughter hasn’t gotten around to setting them up. Preferred reason: they are very cautious little people and are not so sure about things like the iPod, the TV remote, and the other random objects that keep being placed in their town while it’s unoccupied (the bane of all horizontal surfaces in our home…).

  3. Oh, my word! These are so adorable!!! I wonder where they were made? They are certainly old and as charming as can be! Well, they are treasures, aren’t they? I love to picture a person, sitting by a warm stove, carving these little figures and, with no art lessons, happily applying paint to bring the little guys to life. By the way, those little fish, swimming along, do the same thing to my heartstrings!

  4. What treasured memories these must evoke…I love their whimsical faces. They look like they are all ready for the ice. It must be fun for your husband to help you arrange them each year and to think about days of yore…there truly is no place like “gnome” for the holidays. <;-) Many blessings at CHRISTmas and good wishes for making many more merry memories!

  5. Magical, these adorable spirited wee gnomes, surely a deep joy shared by those hands that crafted them into life. Thank you and your husband for sharing this collection of yours. Sigh, oh joy!

  6. Hi Sally I am a first time vistor to your blog from the UK. What exquisite work! I am enjoying looking at all the wonderful things you have made. Merry Christmas! Regards, Jane

  7. They are adorable.. when I saw them on Pinterest I immediately went to your website hoping that they were for sale but see that they are Family Treasures. Enjoy and if you ever do decide to sell them let me know smile.

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