Picture frames are finished!

After slaving away for most of the summer, Rob has finished all 51 picture frames for the Pocketful of Posies exhibit and they look beautiful! In my last post about the frames (see here) , the partly made pile was stacked up on his work bench.

Rob cut off the excess from the corner ears on the table saw…

and used a planer to smooth off the surface. 

Here you can see a before and after, with one ear planed and another still bumpy with glue and wood.

Then the frames were sanded with 2 grades of sand paper until they were really smooth.

Then he carried the frames up from the basement into his new workshop and applied Tung oil, which brings out the natural color and wood grain.

To make a good finish, the oil has to be rubbed off after it has soaked in.

Here’s a frame with the inside slats. I love the way cherry looks with the oil.

But they are not finished yet! The last step is rubbing on paste wax to make a satiny finish.

Now, they are lying in wait for my artwork. The UV Plexiglas will be arriving soon and we’ll start assembling the pictures!

11 thoughts on “Picture frames are finished!

  1. Kudos to you, Rob!!!!! I know each one was a true labor of love.
    We should all be so lucky to have such a talented partner.


  2. Oh WOW! Can you imagine someone loving you enough to not only devote all those hours to putting these together – but crafting them so diligently? They are magnificent – just like the work they will hold. You two , it seems, were made for each other. 🙂

  3. Beautiful!!!! You must be so happy to have them completed and your work ready to be framed.
    Thanks for showing us this part of the operation…..it was interesting to see the process.

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