Picture Frame update

My husband Rob has been spending several weeks in his basement workshop making picture frames this summer. He has made frames for my fabric relief artwork for 30 years and this is the biggest job yet. The frames will look like this, cherry wood, shadow box style with glass.

He is making 51 frames for my Pocketful of Posies exhibit this September and has made good progress. I thought I’d show you how far he’s come!

He first cuts the lengths from cherry boards.

Then he rips the pieces on the table saw to get an L shape.

Then he cuts 45 degree angles and glues the corners together. 

He cuts 1/4 inch thick slats that will be placed inside the frame to keep the glass separate from the artwork.

This a special design that Rob figured out years ago to solve the problem of how to display  and protect my relief artwork.

For extra strength in the corners, he cuts across the corners and adds slivers of wood.

Here he is wiping off excess glue.

He calculated that cutting and gluing the corners takes 1/2 hours per frame, so just that step took about 25 hours for all the frames. 

Now the corners need to be trimmed and sanded. I’ll show the final steps when they’re all done. Thanks, Honey!

13 thoughts on “Picture Frame update

  1. What a good guy!! And the frames are beautiful. You certainly compliment each other as does both your work.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    PS: And just where is this show going to be?

  2. Salley – looks like this is a true family venture. Just as much love goes into the frames as the work itself. And, oh, for some guys, this is their “love language.” So thanks for showing us just how much your hubby is loving you!!

  3. Really nice. The frames are indeed a work of art and beautifully made. I think it’s a good idea for us to understand how much work goes into that part of the process. You guys make a great team.

  4. Very nice boxes. I am curious – do you have any type of ventilation on the back to keep humidity from building up inside? Mildew is certainly not your friend. Of course, I live in a very humid climate so I think about this quite a bit. You are not far from water, so it is probably not bone-dry there, either.

    • I cover the back with paper, the same as a framed print, so it’s not air tight and there’s plenty of air circulation. I don’t worry about humidity as much as moths, so I seal any entry points.

  5. What a good man Rob is. Most of my “Arty ” friends are married/ partnered with carpenters or builders!!!Must be radar working!!!

    Love your work Salley. The exhibition will look very special in the framed boxes.

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