Inspiration: Roses

Riding around on my bike in the early morning, I can’t help but revel in the show of both cultivated and wild roses around town. As a young person, I did not understand why my mother and grandmother got so excited about flowers. Sure, they were pretty, but why would you spend so much time and energy growing  arranging and gazing at them? As you can see, I’ve grown into a flower freak after all!  Here are some I saw and photographed in Woods Hole.

11 thoughts on “Inspiration: Roses

  1. Hello Salley,
    I am a big fan of yours and I just added an entry in blog where I mentioned your influence on my project. I also added a link to your blog and I hope it is okay.
    Please, let me know.
    all the best to you!
    Babi Sugarman

  2. Beautiful – I can just imagine the wonderful scent. And I love the way you change the picture in the header of your blog to reflect what each post is about, Salley!

  3. As I get older, flowers have become much more important in my life. I am only an average gardener, and tend to ‘wilt’ in the summer heat. But every spring as the perennials return I feel renewed, and as I tend my modest garden each morning I think of my Grandmother, a farmers wife and dedicated gardener.

    Thank you for the lovely post, and the lovely images.


  4. Beautiful images.
    I love the profusion of all sorts of roses growing in
    a lovingly tended churchyard 2 blocks from here.
    Some reach through the iron fence, offering
    a scent of their perfume. I always accept.

    Thanks for sharing yours.

  5. After living in the city for over 18 years flowers are as magical as some of your fairies! They reach in deep and touch your soul. Thank you for showing us the beauty around you! Exquisite!!

  6. So gorgeous! Thank you, Salley! I think it isn’t just a rose’s beauty or even its splendid aroma that draws so many of us in. It’s the nurturance of a living thing that in the end brings us so much joy.

    • Thanks, Christen. I’m using a Canon G11, but credit my high school black and white photography class with teaching me the basics. I even set up a dark room in our bathroom and used my grandfather’s very old enlarger. It’s fun learning the digital way, too!

  7. What lovely photos! I’ve always loved the wild pink roses that grow in proliferation along New England rocky beaches 🙂

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