Bike Path (going north)

West Falmouth salt marsh

To counteract my sedentary activity of sewing, I ride my bike along the Shining Sea bike path everyday. Early morning is best, when the air is cool, the path is less crowded, and the light is good for photography. 

West Falmouth brackish stream

I live near an entrance to the path, in the middle of its 12 mile length from Woods Hole to North Falmouth. Some mornings I go south, along Vineyard Sound (see this post) and other days I head north through West Falmouth on the Buzzard’s Bay side of town. 

West Falmouth

Going north is a different experience, with salt marshes and brackish ponds and streams. Just out of sight are beaches along the coast of Buzzard’s Bay. 

West Falmouth pond

The landscape changes rapidly from open marshes to woods with tall trees. Here’s the back of Bourne Farm, looking toward the barn. I find this biking ritual good for my body, mind and spirit.

Bourne Farm, W. Falmouth

8 thoughts on “Bike Path (going north)

  1. What a beautiful place, I would absolutely love a bike ride there myself. Some of the landscape, the flat marsh lands leading out to sea, reminds me of Prince Edward Island, a favorite holiday spot.
    I’m hoping and praying that the oil spill contamination doesn’t make it this far up the coast.

  2. good for you! and when you live in such a beautiful place, it sure must help…funny, your photos look so familiar, i think i may have kayaked there with some friends who live on old dam road..sound familiar?…i think it would actually be north of falmouth though.

    looks like you’re getting some good weather!

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