Doll Collection (Baltic twins)

This boy and girl pair is from my family’s doll collection. From the look of their outfits, they may be from Russia or the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia.

They’re doll house size, about 4″ tall and have cloth wrapped wire limbs. The heads are painted plaster and the girl has a braided white blond wig. I remember playing with them as a child and always loved their yellow crocheted booties. The clothing is crudely made, but the their delicate features, well made heads, wigs and shoes are examples of fine craftsmanship.

6 thoughts on “Doll Collection (Baltic twins)

  1. What fun to see them. I have a couple of dolls that look like their cousins…don’t know exactly where mine are from but they look Russian to me. Don’t you love little dolls?

  2. They are definitely Russian dolls. I collect dolls this size and have a few Russian dolls in my collection. Their heads are composition material with stockinette stretched over them. These little dolls are very collectible. They also made tea cozy dolls that look similar and have peasant clothing as well.

    I think their clothing is pretty intricate considering their size. I make and dress cloth dolls this size myself and love this size doll!

    Thanks for sharing the doll!

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