Treasures (Foreign Paper Dolls)

We had this set of Foreign Paper Dolls when we were children. It was one of the things I was rummaging for when I fell and broke my wrist, 6 weeks ago. The cast just came off and I’m starting physical therapy to get my frozen wrist moving again. This feels like great progress toward being able to sew again! The box of paper dolls says, “Copyright MCMLVII (1957) by The Platt & Co., Inc.”. I can remember cutting out the clothes and playing with them. The dolls include Toshiko (Japan), Ingrid (Sweden), Yongtu (Korea), Yvonne (France), Juan (Mexico), Hans (Germany), Juliane (Holland), Liat (Tahiti). They certainly had a lot of outfits to choose from! 


Here is picture of us about the time we would have cut out their paper clothes. We were driving our white station wagon with the wooden roof box across the country.

my mother, Anne, Salley and Jimmy 1960

Toshiko, Juliane, Yvonne, Yongtu, Juan, Ingrid. Liat, Hans

paper doll clothes

Hans (Germany), Toshiko (Japan), Juan (Mexico), Liat (Tahiti), Yvonne (France)

Hans (Germany), Toshiko (Japan), Juan (Mexico)

Yongtu (Korea), Yvonne (France), Juliane (Holland), Liat (Tahiti), Ingrid (Sweden)

Hans (Germany), Toshiko (Japan). Juan (Mexico)

5 thoughts on “Treasures (Foreign Paper Dolls)

  1. Thanks for brightening an otherwise dreary winter day. I love the paper dolls……….they remind me of simpler times.
    PS Good Luck with your rehab. it must be nice to have the cast off.

  2. Glad that your cast is now removed Salley, keep up the physical therapy and then we can all look forward to more of your wonderful creations.



  3. Thanks for posting about these paper dolls. I have quite a collection myself, but not these. I am probably 7 years younger than you, but have some that look to be done in the same style. I often use my paper dolls to decorate the mantel or shelves throughout the year. Sometimes I display them with a color theme, holiday theme, or seasonal theme. They bring such good memories with them.

    Blessings on your road to full health in your wrist!

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