2 thoughts on “winterhouse62

  1. Salley aged 7. A pert little person, well grounded and well satisfied.

    (I love my own first perception too – I saw this as a steamboat heading upriver, eyes front and steady-as-she-goes, destination in mind.) I also love this for being a Salley Pic, seasonal, and as an illustration of Winter, showing she’s aware that winter is a time of shut-down in nature, and of shut-in for the family, a time when it is important to have the means to keep warm, because winter is the time of cold. And home is where the warmth is. Very small door – maybe Salley at 7 just liked little things? A psychiatrist (or are they psychologists, who read such things into a child’s crayon drawing? I am neither by profession, just a person who for much of her life was a teacher of 6-7-8 year-olds whose company she absolutely thrived amongst – and possibly misses in retirement?)

    ‘Someone’ might read all sorts of things into a green door in winter, and one so small. But I do see, Salley, that at 7 you had good hand-eye co-ordination, secure straight lines drawn with verve and confidence and put together with spatial ability – you chose to colour in right to the edges (and not beyond them) just as you choose in your work to go that extra distance to fill out with embroidery exactly what your eye sees needs to be detailed, leaving clear what your eye equally sees needs to be left room to breathe.

    Thank you, again.

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