Thanksgiving Offering

Fairy bringing a pie for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful to all of you who have come to see and read my blog this past week. It’s been a pleasure to hear from so many of you and I am energized in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. Ideas are coming fast, the scanner is warmed up and working overtime and the posts are queuing up. Please keep visiting!

Thanksgiving Dilemma, pen & ink by Salley Mavor 1976

I’ve been looking through my old portfolios from art school and came across this drawing of a Thanksgiving turkey dinner gone awry. I had forgotten how much I liked to draw before I started using mixed media techniques. I rarely draw now, except to work out designs for my illustrations. Needle and thread have replaced the pen and become my tools of choice. In future posts, I’ll be showing some more early work with the intention of pointing out common themes and styles in my evolution as an artist, regardless of the method or technique.

I made this soft sculpture stove 30 years ago, the first year out of art school. It is made with white satin,  covering a padded cardboard structure. I remember spattering paint with a tooth-brush onto the black fabric which lines the inside of the oven. I can see velcro circles on the oven door. The oven rack is made from hair pins, the knobs from buttons and the clock is the face taken from an old wrist watch. It looks like the burners are key rings fashioned with hooks from hook-and-eyes. I don’t remember what the frying pan is made from, but it must be cloth as that is my material of last resort. And the pie crust lattice is likely made from kid leather. This stove has a refrigerator to match, which I’ll show another time.

Stove, 5" tall, fabric sculpture by Salley Mavor 1979

10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Offering

  1. So glad you have a blog! I have one of your books! Your work is so inspiring and well loved at our home even though I have all sons. I make soldiers and wizards for them.

    Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

  2. I bought your Wee Felt Folk book for my daughter, and she has created so many beautiful fairies, and they all live in a pumpkin house we made for them. Thank you for the inspiration.

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