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Salley Mavor’s books are sold at booksellers. Autographed copies of some titles are available in her Etsy Shop. Her newest book, MY BED: Enchanting Ways to Fall Asleep around the World was published in the fall of 2020. Find information about the book and accompanying exhibition of original artwork here.

Words by Rebecca Bond, Pictures by Salley Mavor, HarperCollins Publishers, 2020. ISBN 978-0-544-94906-5
Order autographed copies from my Etsy Shop here.

FELT WEE FOLK: NEW ADVENTURES by Salley Mavor, C&T Publishing 2015. Order autographed copies, plus extra goodies from my Etsy Shop. See the book trailer:

POCKETFUL OF POSIES: A TREASURY OF NURSERY RHYMES by Salley Mavor, HarperCollins Publisher, 2010, ISBN 978-0-618-73740-6, Order autographed copies from my Etsy shop.

2011 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award, 2011 Golden Kite Award, 2010 American Library Association Notable Book, 2011 Best Books for Babies

Find out about the Pocketful of Posies Traveling Exhibit of original illustrations, See posts from the Pocketful of Borders series.

WEE WILLIE WINKIE Board book published by Houghton Mifflin in 2006, ISBN 0-618-49640-8, Out of print.

HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE! Board book published by Houghton Mifflin 2005, ISBN 0-618-49638-6, Out of print.

MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB, Board book published by Houghton Mifflin 2005, ISBN 0-618-49637-8. Out of print.

JACK AND JILL, Out of print, Board book published by Houghton Mifflin in 2006, ISBN 0-618-49639-4. Out of print.

FELT WEE FOLK: ENCHANTING PROJECTS published by C&T Publishing in 2003, ISBN 1-57120-193-9, Order autographed copies from Etsy shop

IN THE HEART written by Ann Turner, artwork by Salley Mavor, published by HarperCollins in 2001, ISBN 0-06-023730-9, Hardcover edition, out of print, Order autographed copies from Etsy Shop 

THE HOLLYHOCK WALL, Out of Print, written by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Salley Mavor, Hardcover edition published by Candlewick Press in 1999, ISBN 1-56402-902-6, Paperback edition published by Walker Books in 2000, ISBN 0-7445-7732-2. 

YOU AND ME: POEMS OF FRIENDSHIP, Out of print, published by Orchard Books in 1997, ISBN 0-531-30045-5 Hardcover edition

MARY HAD  A LITTLE LAMB, Out of print, published by Orchard Books in 1995, ISBN 0-531-06875-7 Hardcover edition, ISBN 0-531-07165-0 Paperback edition.

COME TO MY PARTY, Out of Print, Published by MacMillan in 1993, ISBN 0-02-776147-9 Hardcover edition

THE WAY HOME, Out of print, published by MacMillan in 1991, ISBN 0-370-31 645-2 Hardcover edition, ISBN 0-689-71790-3 Aladdin Paperback edition, Read the 5-part story about making The Way Home here.

18 thoughts on “My Books

  1. I know i just fall in Love!!!!! do you have the book on how to make the Birds!! i Love Um,,you are so gifted,God Bless you.
    Please let me know how to order the Bird book.ok? i do paypal.

  2. I just discovered some of your works yesterday! How did I miss you all these years? You remind me of Beatrix Potter, all the wee ones running too and fro! Love, love, love your art, thanks for sharing your talents.

  3. Every time I visited Falmouth, I would go to the Eight Cousins Bookstore where I discovered you. I have three of your books, saving them for my great grandchildren (someday). I so enjoy and admire your work. You truly are an inspiration.

  4. I just discovered your art work on the cover of the Peter and the Wolf CD! Is this illustration in one of your books? Do you have a list of all of your illustrations? I love your work!

    • Thanks for asking Martha. Peter and the Wolf was so much fun to do! The CD art is not in a book. I haven’t gotten around to making a comprehensive list of all of my illustrations–some day, perhaps. Look around in my blog archives, there’s plenty to see there.

  5. I just discovered your wonderful work! The books are beautiful but here we speak Russian and French and I wondered were some of them translated into other languages? If no I’ll need to translate every time I read a book to my little 😀

  6. I found a small book titled “Salley Mavor Pins” made with one long accordion pleated page on which are colored drawings of various pins with hand-written notes about the materials used. I am wondering when this book was published and if it has a price. I could not find it anywhere online. There is no publisher info, just a phone number, PO Box and the location Woods Hole, MA, on a label glued to the fabric-covered book cover. Thanks for your answer. Shoshanah Dubiner, Artist

  7. Hello Salley. My name is Debbie & I love to craft. I recently found one of your books; “Felt Wee Folk”, at my local thrift store. I am absolutely enchanted with your art. I am trying my hand at a 1&1/2″ doll. I have a huge stash of miscellaneous odds & ends that I have collected over the years that are coming in very handy. I just watched a short video on the making of one of your fairy dolls. My jaw was dropping due to cuteness overload! I definitely want more of your books. Thank you for inspiring me to try something new. I love to crochet & I am using a leaf I crocheted as the holder for the wee doll. Debbie from Washington.

  8. Hello Sally, you maybe remember me. I am a friend of Pauline Kim’s you were very kind and let me visit you in your studio ( twice actually). I have been watching your posts on Facebook. Thank you for sharing, your work is incredible.

  9. My favorite books as a child was anything with Winnie the Pooh. To this day, any time that I am in Disney World, I search for Pooh (and I am almost 60)!!!

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