The show must go on!

Well Suited

I want to express my gratitude for the outpouring of support since my exhibit was cancelled due to its political content a few weeks ago. Since then, the film and the Wee Folk Players are taking on a life of their own, thanks to your willingness to share them. The work is growing in strength on the internet and is making its way across the country and around the world. I feel like my relationship with the art has evolved – there’s no need to prop it up anymore and I’m scrambling to keep up with its momentum.

I am happy to report that the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA has generously stepped in to host the show. The exhibit, titled Liberty and Justice: The Satirical Art of Salley Mavor will be on display at the museum Sept. 26 – Dec. 30, 2018. The show will then be at the Cotuit Center for the Arts on Cape Cod, March 2 – April 20, 2019. 

Exhibits featuring my work are listed here. This is just a quick note to let you know what’s happening. After the artwork is delivered and installed, I will write another post about the show.

Screen shot from “Liberty and Justice” animation

40 thoughts on “The show must go on!

  1. I’m so pleased to see that your marvelous show is doing so well. Not only is art an impactful form of speech but yours is a critical demo of fighting (peacefully) and elegantly to keep freedom of speech healthy and well in our country. Thank you!!!

  2. Hello Sally,

    I am very happy to hear that your work will be shown in the New England Quilt Museum and for a generous length of time. I am totally with you on every sentiment and comment you make but I lacked the courage to put your last post on my blog. I am an English Canadian. And I am appalled by Trump both as a person and what he does and says. I cannot comprehend how he was elected.

    Congratulations and keep on doing what you are doing. There are a lot of silent non-Amercans with you.

    Ann B. >

  3. So happy for you and your beautiful art full of meaning; and for the freedom of expression!
    Congratulations and best regards from France.

  4. So happy to hear you have secured a new venue. This is 2018, shameful you have been censored and I agree it is an opportunity for discussion not an opportunity to silence opposition.

    My concern though is the safety of your display I hope it is being well considered. It is irreplaceable.

    Signed a nervous Nellie.

    • As president of the board of the New England Quilt Museum, I can assure you that the display will be very, very safe. It will be enclosed in glass cases. And we have docents on hand. We host controversial exhibits often and have NEVER had an incident with any of the items on display, controversial or not. Please know there is no reason for concern.

      • Thank you for your response and assurance. Unfortunately we live in unsettled times were people will take matters into their own hands, a sad symptom of the current commander in hostility(chief).

  5. That’s wonderful that you will have a showing of the full piece after all. It so important to get messages like yours out into the public.

  6. Sally, so glad you were able to find another venue to show your important work! I wish I were on the East Coast and could view it. Keep doing what you’re doing–censorship be damned! Your voice is needed now more than ever.

  7. There is always a reason for everything. Good on the New England Museum for having such a great eye for art and for hosting this exhibit. Congratulations! xo

  8. HOORAY!! Hooray for you, and for the New England Museum! I’ll be watching for the review in the Boston Globe. Congratulations, Sally.

  9. Excellent news re your exhibition . I and i am sure many others from the UK wish you well . We all love your work and it should not be censored. Perhaps one day your exhibition will be here in the UK . With all our very best wishes. JW .

  10. Your art has achieved the ultimate goal of generating discussions. It is not just a pretty work that the viewer will immediately forget. You have achieved your goal of standing up for what you believe in. Who knew your goal would be achieved by censorship

  11. I just watched your stop motion film Liberty and Justice, a Cautionary . . . . . and am so impressed with your satire, wit and artistic abilities. I look forward to all your posts, I used to look them up because I loved the embroidery, now I look at them for their political satire. You go girl!!

  12. I am so pleased and pleased for you that your work is getting the recognition it so richly deserves. All art makes a statement whether or not you agree with what it says. It certainly deserves to be seen and I am thrilled you have venues.

  13. Congratulations to you and the museum for furthering your political voice. It is important now more than ever. My love of wool and embroidery started my interest in your work. How wonderful that your political satire now engages people all over the world. So happy we’re traveling from the Pacific Northwest to Boston when the exhibit is open.

  14. You are so awesome Salley! So glad Lowell is hosting your exhibit. I need to let my aunt know – she lives near there and would love it.

    Take care, Meghan

  15. Amused that you would disrespect a
    President. Just because you don’t
    agree ,you create negative dolls
    trying to push your personal agenda.
    Thank you for giving me a good laugh
    at the so called artist. I will pray
    that common sense and kindness
    will be bestowed to you.

  16. I so look forward to seeing every bit of this show with many, many people. And I will be buying a membership to the New England Quilt Museum simply to support their decision to show this exhibit.

  17. Dally, so happy to hear all your good news .
    Art must remain a conduit for “creative spirit” to reach out in all directions of self expression. Throughout history art forms have been used to spread a message , whether it be quilts that carried a hidden message for slaves flight to freedom or puppetry that told the populace about what was going on during the time of Hitler.
    Your creativity is amazing!!
    Keep the “creative spirit “going!

  18. Delighted that you have a venue for the Liberty exhibit. Art has always been about a message, even the cave drawings. Looking forward to your new works.
    Keep making those lovely dolls.

  19. Still distressed at the Highfield Hall decision (and more broadly what it says about art in the town of Falmouth), but cheered by Cotuit Center for the Arts & New England Quilt Museum news!!! Also happy to see so much support for you in the ENTERPRISE this week. Can’t wait to see the entire show. Jill

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