wee affirmation

Open Studio-2Last Thursday, we returned from a wonderful trip to Prince Edward Island, which I’ll write about in future posts. The timing was tight, but I managed to get everything ready for an Open Studio this past weekend. Of course, I tidied up the studio earlier this summer and made cheese straws before the trip to PEI.  I tend to open my studio to the public maybe every 4 or 5 years, when there’s a new body of work to show.

Open Studio-9

Open Studio-3

I really enjoyed meeting the people who came, many of whom were artists and craftspeople themselves. Several remarked at how affirming it was to connect with other people who like doing small scale needlework and creating things in miniature. They shared how they sometimes feel odd around people who don’t understand their interest in making and collecting small things. I told them that there are lot of us out there and not to be concerned with those who don’t “get it”. Having a desire to develop your own vision in a world that may see some creative pursuits as strange and weird is something to celebrate. If dreaming of, conjuring up and the act of doing creative work generates happiness and satisfaction, then it has great value and is worth pursuing.

Open Studio-7

Needle felt artist, Lyn Slade shared her impressive piece, “Come to the Dance”.

Open Studio-5

These girls and their family traveled all the way from Bangor, Maine! They look like they’re having a thoughtful discussion about the women pictured on the Covered Up poster.

Open Studio-6

There was a constant flow of visitors both Saturday and Sunday, with a combination of locals and visitors from off Cape. I wish that I took more photos, but the quiet moments were few.  It was a pleasure to see familiar faces as well as meet new folks. Thank you to all who took the time to venture into my world! studio-2

16 thoughts on “wee affirmation

  1. i can’t believe you were here on the island. i would have loved for you to see my mermaids . inspired by your work. i took the Class The Artists Way years ago in Barnstable. i live on PEI

  2. Sally, I love your work! I wish I could have attended your open studio, but I’m a few thousand miles away. Maybe someday!

  3. I wish I could have been there but I couldn’t go. Hope to attend one of your showings. Your creations are uniquely wonderful.
    Yarmouth Maine

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such a special space. I so enjoyed visiting with a fellow fiber artist and seeing the great space you have created for making your wonderful pieces! Truly inspirational!!

  5. I’ve been following your blog from Alaska, and wishing I had an excuse to be on your side of the country to visit. With a new baby, a preschooler, and one in school, it wasn’t to be… But I hope that one day I’ll be able to make it over to visit your studio. It looks enchanting!

  6. Oh I wish I could have come! The studio is full of interesting and beautiful things to look at! I could spend a day in there.

  7. Sally your studio looks fantastic, wish I could have visited I know it would be inspiring! I’m amazed at your work and love all the tiny stitching you do. I love what you said “If dreaming, conjuring up and the act of doing creative work generates happiness and satisfaction, then it has great value and is worth pursuing”…..love it, so true for all our creative arts! I paint and needle felt, lived in NY but moved to England. Love getting your posts.

  8. Oh, Salley — I really loved your words about people who love making and collecting tiny things and how “If dreaming, conjuring up and the act of doing creative work generates happiness and satisfaction, then it has great value and is worth pursuing.” May I quote you some time?


      • Thank you — I will keep it in mind for the moment it’s needed. It’s a particular and peculiar thing, this love of making and keeping tiny treasures… It’s a delight to take childlike pleasure in such things and yet one is sometimes perceived as being childish or foolish… It’s good to feel this enjoyment is understood by others…

  9. It was such a privilege to visit and to see your exquisite work in person and to have a lovely look at your working space! How glad I am that my trip to CPe Cod coincided with your open house!

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