Up and fluttering

Fairy House blog-1When we got home from Sunday’s opening reception for the Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall exhibit, I told Rob, “It’s so good to have the show finally up and running.” He said, “You mean “up and fluttering.”  Yes, this collection of fairy houses is causing quite a stir here at the top of Highfield Drive, with more than a thousand visitors already. The display will be set up all summer, until August 31st, 2015. I recommend visiting sooner than later, because of weather related deterioration of the houses.

The morning rain cleared by noon, creating a perfect afternoon for families and friends to stroll around the grounds, searching for the 32 fanciful dwellings. You could see groups of all ages following the tour map. And everyone was smiling! It turned out to be a social gathering, too, with neighbors and acquaintances running into each other. One woman said, “I’m so glad to live in Falmouth, where we have a wonderfully creative community that puts on events like this!” She made me feel part of something bigger than just a group of people who like to make little worlds out in the woods. In recent years, I think that the fairy house concept has entered the collective imagination, bringing a much-needed lightness and sense of wonder. I owe a big thank you to all of the house builders who contributed their time and creative genius to making this show such a success!


I hope you enjoy this set of photos of people interacting with some of the houses. More posts with close-ups of the houses themselves will be coming soon.













11 thoughts on “Up and fluttering

  1. Sooooo wish I could bring my 5 grandaughters to see this. Me too of course. I have a little fairy town in my garden that they love but nothing on this scale.

  2. How wonderful!! Thank you, Thank you for sharing..the Fairy Houses seems to be getting better every year and a lot more visitors than the last.
    More Photos Please 🙂
    GOD Bless,

  3. Hi Salley!
    My friend Madge just sent in an order for this book. She is the one who had the Equinox party. I wish you two could meet. She has a fairy garden on her farm. I have written a draft of a blog post about her, “My Friend the Fairy.” I haven’t told her yet. Look for it next month. She is amazing, like you.

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