Face Time premiere showing


For the past 9 months or so, while working on it, I’ve been offering occasional peeks at Face Time. This new piece deals with themes that I continually return to; passage of time, patterns that show change and growth, and connections between living beings.

It’s finished now and I’ll bring it with me this Tuesday, April 21st, when I give a talk at 7:00 pm at the Newton Free Library in Newton, Massachusetts. Face Time has been tucked away in my studio and has not yet been exhibited publicly, so this will be its premiere showing. It’ll only be on view for a few hours, while I’m at the library.


Face Time features a tree with a variety of embroidered felt wreath-like “cameos” with heads and shoulders representing a broad cross-section of humanity. The 41 individuals include a wide swath of characters that show changes in style over time. They branch out through history, from long ago civilizations at the tree’s roots, to present day portrayals at the tree top. It’s not my family tree, but a depiction of the world’s collective heritage.

In this piece, I’ve basically used the wig making techniques introduced in my new how-to book Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures, but have added more period fashion details, like beards, hats and glasses.

I hope to meet some of you from the Boston area on Tuesday night at the Newton Free Library. My talk, Once Upon a Thread will be at 7:00 pm. I’ll bring along books to sell, too. The Pocketful of Posies Exhibit will be on display at the library until April 29th.


Where can Face Time be seen in the future? I can’t say for certain, since I’m entering it in juried shows and won’t know for a while if, where and when it’ll be exhibited. I’ll be sure to include any showings on the exhibits page.


17 thoughts on “Face Time premiere showing

  1. Looking forward to seing this “live”! Enjoyed seeing Rabbitat at Cahoon with two friends (one of them is 95 years old!!) the bird one I had seen at highfield and the poster is on our kitchen wall! Also really enjoyed your birthday luncheon at Terry’s! Hope dinner with the “boys” was good too! Love, Maria

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  2. An interesting display on the passage of time – I love seeing what’s in your “head” from time to time. Just curious, do you always draw the nose to the left? Not nitpicking, I notice how I always tie the knots on belts on the right side of the figure I’m creating. So clever these are! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I sew, but this is way beyond what I would be able to do. I enjoy all your work. Thank you for sharing. Jeanne

  4. Oh Salley!
    What an incredible project! Maybe someday I’ll be able to see it in “real person”!
    It’s wonderful just like you!

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