Snowed in bliss


We’re in the middle of the snow storm, with lots of wind gusts. I thought I’d better write this post while we still have power. I love this time of year, snow or no snow, because the outside isn’t as alluring and you can stay inside and get something done. I don’t think I could handle living in a constantly warm climate, where nature doesn’t force you to hibernate!


So, I’m taking advantage of this less distracting time and have been happily working on a piece that’s been on my work table for more than 6 months. This is a sneak peek at “Face Time”, which I’m not ready to show and tell much about yet. I want to wait until it’s completed and professionally photographed before fully sharing it. I’ll tell you this much though — it’s not my personal family tree, but a broader interpretation of humanity through time. My goal is get it finished this winter and the weather is cooperating nicely!


15 thoughts on “Snowed in bliss

  1. So great to see this post this morning, I rarely see TV news but did last night and saw that your area is in a heavy storm and here you are posting that you are in creative bliss, love it!!! I live in Northern California in the country but unfortunately we are in a drought and it makes it hard to be cuddled inside sewing with so much to do outdoors. Enjoy your beautiful time!!!!!

  2. Your project looks most interesting Salley. I’m envious of your snow, here in Alabama just cold temps but beautiful sunshine. I love the fabric with which you covered the frame. This will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Enjoy your hibernation!

  3. We heard all about your BIG snowstorm here in the midwest Salley – I too like being inside while it is snowing – I usually end of cleaning and baking, however, when I really want to be sewing. Electricity going out usually means under a quilt in front of the fireplace knitting or reading a good book.

  4. I can hardly wait to see this piece finished! I loved your snow picture. For now I am using it as the background on my computer….In GA we have a dreary, cold and windy day.

  5. This project sounds intriguing…and can’t wait to hear (and see) more about it. Hoping all is well on The Cape and the surrounding islands. We have been watching the news here from PA and alarmed as to what we see happening on the coast around Scituate and Plymouth. We understand that the winds have been mighty, as they say. Falmouth was mentioned on at least one news cast. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all…as we all hang onto the important thought that, “this too shall pass”. Hope your power did not go out, but if it did, hoping it is restored before long. I know that you will use your time wisely no matter what…but being safe is even more important. Blessings and peace to you from here to there. Pam

  6. It’s nice to hear a positive reaction to the big storm. Hope you keep your lights on, and hands busy. Love your simple window treatment. The perfect touch for a lovely window.

  7. I love snow, and we’ve had far too little this winter in SE Wisconsin. I’m in awe of your creativity and so much enjoy your connection through Facebook. My achievements have been imitations of art through highly developed technical skills. While I enjoy executing with precision, I lack the imagination to create something unique. Is this also a skill that needs to be developed through study, or are we just wired so differently that I’ll never have this kind of vision? I keep hoping to be able to someday step back from the busy-ness of earning a living, and begin to explore the possibility of finding a muse. Meanwhile, do you have any advice for us “artist wanna-bes”? Any insights on the development of imagination?

    • Thank you for your thoughful words, Renee. This is a subject worth talking about and I hope to write about it sometime. But, it seems that I’m always too busy working, with deadlines to meet. By work, I mean stitching!

  8. What fun to get to visit you in your cozy home. Are those stones on the table? I have a nice collection on my porch, mostly hearts, but other shapes, too. Your new piece of work is so enticing and I can hardly wait to see what you are doing!!! It already looks very detailed, of course! Love your work, Salley!

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