2 new baby jackets


Within my sphere of friends, two new baby boys have recently been born. So, I made them each a little jacket, which is my go-to baby gift. I love going through my stash and picking out fabric to use for the outside, lining and bias edging. I’ve used the same Simplicity pattern 9647 for about 30 years, adapting it with cotton quilt batting padding, so it’s warm. Their names are chained stitched on the front. Welcome to the world, Eli and Kieran!



5 thoughts on “2 new baby jackets

  1. wonderful pattern and fabric choices! I looked up the pattern in vintage Simplicity, and could not find a baby jacket—just kept showing up as a child’s witch costume……

  2. I found the pattern for this sweet little jacket on Etsy after you posted the completed “Eli” jacket last time. I was wondering if you had added light batting as the jacket seemed to be fuller than it would with just fabric back-to-back. (Thanks for sharing that.) I was also wondering where you ordered your labels from? I would like to get some for the gifts I make and yours look very nice. Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas with us! Keep on posting!!

    • I’m glad that you found the pattern Deb. As for the labels, they were printed about 15 years ago and I have enough to last several lifetimes! Sorry, but I can’t remember which company I used.

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