Polly’s winter escape


Polly is leaving snowy New England for a warmer climate. She has a new outfit, as well as a special people-to-people visa for her trip to Cuba. Did I mention that Polly has a thing about Pippi Longstocking and Carmen Miranda? She’s a bit cold standing outside in the snow in her cotton skirt and blouse, but she’ll soon be sun burned and sweaty.  Stay tuned for photos of Polly’s travels upon her return!

Please Note: My Etsy Shop will be open while I’m away, but orders won’t be shipped until March 17th.

14 thoughts on “Polly’s winter escape

  1. Funny, this first thing I thought of was Pippi Longstocking when I opened the email. Well I hope Polly has a nice warm trip! Maybe it will be a little warmer when she gets back home!

  2. Have a great journey to Cuba Polly, I love your Carmen Miranda hat and your Pippi Longstocking hair style 🙂

  3. Salley, Salley, just delightful. She is going to fit right in on her trip!!! You always come up with new touches. You are a delight!

  4. I have been in awe of your work for long time and I love all your details. I have been inspired to make my niece a Polly of her own as she dreams of traveling. My family is from Cuba and I have always dreamed of going. I can’t wait to see what treasures and views Polly will share. Enjoy and be safe.

  5. How did I miss this very funny photo! As with other visitors above, I, too, am admiring Polly’s Pippi Longstocking braids and Carmen Miranda chapeau. It’s a good look for her — she wears it well!

    Your Cuba photos are lovely. I hope the photos are an indication that your trip was quite wonderful —


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