Posies Tree @ Highfield this season


I am pleased to announce the the “Pocketful of Posies” tree has returned for another season–this year it is set up in the front entrance of Highfield Hall in Falmouth, MA.  The tree, which is decorated with nursery rhyme themed ornaments/vignettes based on my book, Pocketful of Posies, will be on display during Holidays at Highfield (Nov. 29 – Dec. 8, noon ~ 4pm).  My dollhouse and 5 original fabric relief illustrations from my book, In the Heart are also on display.

I made the ornaments for last year’s Family Trees event at the Concord Museum and I was happy to bring them back for this year’s event at Highfield Hall.


Here are closeups of some of the ornaments/vignettes.



old motherhubbardWM

The 10 day event got off to a great start, with lots and lots of visitors stopping by Highfield on Friday. The building is beautifully decorated upstairs and downstairs. I feel honored to be a part of such a fun and lively event!

7 thoughts on “Posies Tree @ Highfield this season

  1. I just adore this tree and all the ornaments you made! I cannot imagine the work you put in to this, but the results are amazing! I can study this tree for the longest time looking at your beautiful work, thank you for sharing!!!

  2. what beautiful ornaments, Salley your books I got a couple of weeks ago have not seen the bookcase yet, they are by my sewing machine and I keep browsing, the nursery rhyme one was origionally bought as a present but it is going nowhere!
    Hope to make some wee folk but struggling to find wool felt, maybe I will have to make my own.

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