Prudence Is. school visits my studio


Last week, students from the Prudence Island School came to visit. The school’s teacher, Eliza grew up in Woods Hole and we’ve known each other since childhood. She asked if she could bring the children over to my studio as part of their day-long field trip to Woods Hole.

250px-Prudence-island-schoolhouse-in-2007The island school currently has a total of 8 students from the early grades to teenagers. I was struck by how well the 6 girls and 2 boys of such varying ages interacted. They were inquisitive and appreciative as they looked around my studio and they easily identified all of the birds in my Birds of Beebe Woods piece.


The students are even learning to embroider! Thank you for a delightful visit!


7 thoughts on “Prudence Is. school visits my studio

  1. I taught 12 home schooled girls of different ages how to stitch a sampler several years ago, they were so attentive and well behaved. It was such a rewarding experience and one I have never forgotten. Thanks for sharing Salley.

  2. Your visitors from Prudence Island school are so lucky. To be able to see all the great artwork, design, embroidery in person. You home/shop leads them into so much creativity and learning, and teach them a wonderful lesson on art. Even the town, “Woodshole” can give you ideas about making art just where they live with ocean and nature. I have visited Woodshole a couple of times, and each time come away so in awe of the ocean, sea and nature. Pat

  3. I didn’t know there were such schools still around – so neat! I think it is a better way to do things. I have always homeschooled my teens and people always say they will not get proper socialization, but what is normal about being with kids your exact age all day? Not that I am knocking traditional school, but for me a homeschool, where they interact with other families of all different ages and get to go out and explore and do varying things and interact with people of all ages as well as going about the normal daily living with their parent, is a far more natural environment and more of a real world experience. I wish my little school of two could come to your studio!

  4. Yes, what lucky children. How special it must have been to watch their faces, and hear their comments as they explored your magical studio space.Small schools are rare now.I used to be a teacher, and gee I miss seeing and being a part of children’s delight in life.

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