Sunday’s Open Studio

I had an inkling that yesterday’s Open Studio would be well attended, so I set out to expose as much floor space as possible. Clearing boxes off the floor was the biggest chore. The many piles of stuff that have been accumulating over the past few years were in the way.  (It’s been awhile since I’ve invited in the public) Driftwood, mailing tubes and boxes of “interesting” fabric were hauled off and temporarily absorbed into the main house.  In the above photo, you can see boxes stored under the table. On Sunday afternoon, there was a steady stream of people climbing up the stairs to my studio. There were lots of locals, along with several people who drove down to the Cape from the Boston area. I was glad to see Cathy,  who  was unable to attend my workshop last month, due to illness. When she read about the open studio in this blog, she convinced her husband Dave to bring her down from Wayland yesterday!

Many friends showed up, including Betty and Jay, which was a treat. The Pocketful of Posies tree is in the background.  Terry, who has helped me with sooo many projects (cake decorating, costumes, and community quilts, to name a few), handled sales of posters, books and cards (same items are in my Etsy shop). Thanks, Terry! I wish I had more pictures to show, but I was so busy talking to people that the camera sat unused through most of the afternoon. It was lovely to see so many folks! It takes an event like this to make me clean up. Now, I’m trying to figure out how to reabsorb the stuff I cleared out of the studio, without ruining the much improved Feng shui.

14 thoughts on “Sunday’s Open Studio

  1. Wow Sally, what a delightful event that must have been–lucky everyone to get see your work close up! I can relate to the conundrum of “reabsorbing” vs. improved feng shui; a perennial problem in my studio as well. Sigh. Keep up the beautiful, inspiring work!

  2. Oh Salley I am so happy for you.. I am smiling from ear to ear! It looks like you as much fun as the people that visited! I hope you will consider doing this again.. what a great way to begin the holidays. Thank you for sharing the Wonderful photos. Next you have to let us know about your hard work packing up everything for the Fairy Christmas tree exhibit..I can hardly wait to hear from you again! Much Blessings.

  3. I thought about making the drive up too, but we had too much going on here this weekend. The studio looks terrific and the event very successful – congrats once again. (Maybe one of these years, we’ll actually have a chance to meet in person…)

  4. It looks like the event was lots of fun for all who attended! I know what you mean about “clearing out” and then “putting back” craft/sewing stuff. I feel the same way with my sewing area once tidied, but it never takes me long to get to the chaotic stage again 🙂 Wendy

  5. I do wish I could have driven up for your open studio event as well. We sailed from Jekyll Island, GA to Narragansett Bay last summer and actually called on Woods Hole, but I was too shy to simply call out of the blue. I doubt we will make it that far north again for awhile. And I doubt I will get the captain to take the boat through the Woods Hole harbor again. That was a bit of a challenge!
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog, great photographs, and books. Thank you for sharing so much.

  6. Hi Salley,
    I very much enjoyed visiting your studio and meeting you. Thank you so much for inviting us in to your magical world! Thank you for the Fairy poster, too. I love it. I wasn’t able to purchase the “Wee Felt Folks” book I want, but I’ll go on your Etsy shop after the holidays and get myself one. 🙂
    You take care and have a wonderful, blessed holiday season.
    Jean Tobey
    Sandwich, MA

  7. Forgot to mention in the few moments we talked with you on Sunday how absolutely wonderful I think your tree is! Will it come back to you before Christmas??

  8. Querida Sally, hermosos sus trabajos!
    Disfruto mucho su blog, gracias por compartir tanto.
    Bendiciones para ud y su familia.

  9. Salley:

    What a treat to see ourselves featured on your site! David definitely enjoyed the kudos for driving me to and from Woods Hole for your open studio. He is such a good man. Naturally, I was in creative textile heaven as I went from one fabulous work of yours to the other. I loved gazing into the hidden corners and finding old mementoes juxtaposed with new creations. What pleasure. Thank you for the bag you put together for me with the felt, floss, wire and wood. After the holidays, I plan to devote a few days to coming up with my banner creation. I will be going to the Concord Museum to see your tree (once again). Thank you for inspiring me.

    !Cathy G.

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