8 thoughts on “Polly goes to Chinatown

  1. You are having way too much fun with Polly! She must have been so excited to have her own parasol. It is sure to keep her skin lovely! I LOVE these pictures of her travels! They are wonderful!

  2. Loving it Sally! Living on the West Coast, over the years, many friends and family members have shared their vacation snapshots at gatherings or online..And over time, many of the famous landmarks and tourist spots begin to look the same, like Souvinir post cards, each one taken at the same location…But seeing it though Polly’s eyes is very refreshing,…like an “Ahh!.I never notice that before.” moment. I hope you take her with you on more of your travels..it would be exciting to see Turkery and the world from Polly’s point of view..(I think I hear a future children’s book)..lol

  3. You and Polly are so lucky to be able to travel together! I would love to go to Chinatown and buy my own parasol. Have fun, you two!

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