Gossamer talk

Yesterday’s talk at Gossamer in Portland, OR was really enjoyable. We set up chairs in every available spot, amongst the wool roving, felt and yarn. The shop was full to capacity and Rose (above) was tickled pink to have so many people in her shop. I met the nicest people and several blog followers came, including Kristin Shields (below). Thank you to everyone who helped behind the scenes, including my sister Anne, her husband Dennis, and my husband Rob. We went out to a fabulous Peruvian restaurant afterwards! I’m off to San Fransisco tomorrow and will talk to illustration students at the Academy of Art University this week. Too bad that the presentation isn’t open to the public, or else I would have announced it. I’ll try to post something from S.F. later in the week.

6 thoughts on “Gossamer talk

  1. Oh, I’m in Oakland, hoping you have a great time in SF! It’s not raining, in honor of your visit… My kids and I have had so much fun making your little dolls over the years, and I’ve taught many of my art students how to make them, too. Too bad you’re not doing a public talk here… maybe another time!

  2. Thanks Salley! It was wonderful to meet you. I hope you enjoyed the sun yesterday. It was glorious! Have a great time in SF.

  3. I had a wonderful time, along with my family, listening to your lecture, such a wonderful and inspirational event. I was very pleased to meet you and I am so happy to have a signed copy of Pocketful of Posies. Thank You, your family, and Gossamer, for putting your time into this event, very memorable. 🙂

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