another bead show

I’m always happy to go to a bead show. My friend Donna and I went to one at the Holiday Inn in Dedham yesterday. See last year’s post here, in which I show examples of how I’ve used some of the beads in my illustrations. 

It must take the vendors forever to set up their displays. I love looking at the waves of strung beads.

Most of the beads are too shiny and glitzy for me, but they are photogenic. When I’m buying, I zero in on the few that are more in their natural state.

More sparkle and shine.

7 thoughts on “another bead show

  1. Oh wow! What a feast for the eyes. I spotted turtles – I would have a hard time passing those up. I do love glitz and sparkle and shine though and probably would have had to use a trailer to take home my purchases. Or not! Downsizing is hard eh?

  2. I went to a bead show in Pasadena last year, I agree with you, just a little too much bling for my taste, however, it was a wonderful experience and I had no idea of the variety before I went to the show. You have such a good eye for the unusual and I love looking at your work and noticing how you incorporate found objects.

    Thanks again for sharing, I love your posts.


  3. What a fun trip to the bead store!!! I just love seeing your work and the clever way you use beads…….just ingenious!!!

  4. Thank you Sally for the Beautiful photos.. I have never been to a bead show..always heard about how you can get overwhelmed by the variety, color and textures..hope to go one day and experience it for myself. Love Color, love the Bling!
    GOD Bless,

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