I found these charm bracelets while cleaning and organizing my studio. Some are passed down from my mother and grandmother and one is from my own childhood.

My idea of dressing up, was to wear a charm bracelet. For my 5th birthday party, I also wore turtles-in-a-row barretts.

I remember picking out these charms on our family’s trip to Europe in the summer of 1965. At ten years old, I was just old enough for our travels to make a lasting impression.  We went to Greece, France and Switzerland.

 The charms help me remember what we saw in Italy…

and Austria and Germany, too. Although my siblings and I spent hours in the back seat, cutting paper dolls from Archie comics, I remember the sights and experiences of this trip clearly.  I think that I began to wake up to the world outside of my little village. I am thankful that my parents were willing to take us to Europe and caravan with another family for over a month. It made a difference in all of our lives.

9 thoughts on “charming

  1. wow…what memories. we share a lot in common i believe. when i was in 5th grade, my parents took my brother and i camping cross country for 7 weeks. it was quite an experience and one i will never forget. l966 i think. seeing all those u.s. sites have stayed with me….good thing too as we live on a dairy farm and it is difficult to find someone to “feed the cows” unlike, feed the cat…so traveling is out of the question!

  2. I have a “bell with a flower” charm that I got in Germany, similar to the one in your picture, Salley. Also a pretzel. Charm bracelets are aptly named –

  3. Oh My … what sweet memories :0)
    I have my charm bracelet from my childhood and remember each trip and the charm I bought. I love the charms with the states on them ….
    I started my daughter’s charm bracelet when we took our first trip ….
    Thank You for sharing …. such special sweetness :0)
    I Love your picture ….

  4. Love your bracelets. I took my charms and put them on a necklace. I enjoy it more as it isn’t getting caught on stuff. Always lots of compliments when I where it. LOVE your cutie photo.

  5. Those charm bracelets are great! And it’s wonderful that you have vivid memories of your trip to Europe. There’s a school of thought that trips to Europe are a waste of money for young children, but you prove that theory wrong.

  6. LOVE your party picture.
    I also have a few objects that have survived and remind me of certain places and events and especially people. Family and friends now gone, but always alive in memories.

  7. You have so many treasures from your past. These bracelets are wonderful and that you can look at yours and remember your trip to Europe with your parents is so special. I always dream of setting out in a camper with my kids and seeing this country of ours before they get grown on me, but then I remember we have three cats, three dogs and a couple of birds. Sigh.

  8. I also have a charm bracelet from the late 1960’s, when my Grandmother did her O E. She had a coin from each country she visited and a few other charms set for me on her return. I still have it and wear it daily and am now adding my own charms which have special meanings. Mind you I did have to have the chain lengthened as I grew older. ;)
    One day I hope to follow in her footsteps and get to Europe as well.
    Phillipa In New Zealand

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