Turkey (store fronts)

Here’s another bunch of photos from my trip to Turkey last fall. I took my camera when we walked around Istanbul and Bodrum. Shop doors were always open, overflowing with stuff to buy. Somehow, junk food looks more heathy and appealing in Turkish packaging.

I caught glimpses of people working inside their businesses, like this taylor.

And saw many places to sit and eat outside. Yes, those are carpets on the tables. Our hotel was on this street.

The markets were busy and inviting.

Cats were everywhere.

This bakery was just around the corner from our hotel.

There were numerous places to buy souvenirs.

The side walks were extensions of businesses, so covered with tables and racks, that people walked in the street.

3 thoughts on “Turkey (store fronts)

  1. These pics are so much like Thailand where we are right now! Thanks again for sharing! Only here you see skinny dogs everywhere and few cats!

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