3 thoughts on “xmastree63

  1. Ah yes, as a teacher I can immediately read all sorts of clues for when the time would come round for the dreaded report-card writing! Dreaded by me – so a drawing like this was such a gift to spot.
    “A balanced child with an eye for colour, Salley’s mind may whizz about a lot to accomplish her aims, but the final goal will always be ‘accomplished’ in both senses of the word, perfectly ‘finished’, in both senses of that word too. Well framed – carefully thought out and instinctively planned. She is a delight to have around, not least as a mentor for those around her, though she remains unaware of playing that role, a role so much appreciated by any primary/elementary teacher in a classroom full of all sorts.”
    Thank you Salley, for your lifetime of learning, creativity and accomplishment.

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