Turkey (food)

I’ve never seen so many pomegranates! On the streets of Istanbul, crates were full of ripe, red fruit, ready to be squeezed into juice.

The sweets were beautiful to look at.

I loved the patterns, colors and shapes created in the food displays.

In Bodrum, on the southwestern coast, we went to a market and shopped for food to take on our boat voyage. In anticipation of Turkey’s Republic Day, there were flags and pictures of the country’s first president, Ataturk everywhere. He was some handsome dude!

We stopped at a cove and met a family who were closing up their restaurant for the winter season. We watched the mother cook flat bread over an open fire, which she sold to us. What a treat!

6 thoughts on “Turkey (food)

  1. Salley,

    The images you have posted are so very beautiful, thank you for sharing. I especially loved the pomegranite photos, what gorgeous colors.


  2. Such beautiful pictures. Those pomegranates need to be captured in needlework, for sure! Aren’t they lovely? What a trip!!!!

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