Turkey (street vendors)

We’re home from Turkey, still jet lagged and dazed by our experience. From now on, when hearing about Turkey on the news, I will picture the amazing sights, remember the taste of the delicious food and think of the friendly and playful people. I’m going through the hundreds of photos from the trip and will be posting them according to subject matter. Everywhere, there were vendors, from the streets of Istanbul to a remote rocky island with no habitation in sight. The first picture shows what looks to be a real live gnome sitting on a plastic chair. He was selling honey and jewelry on a desolate cove where we spent the night in our boat. We followed the sign to the restaurant, but found it closed for the season. The other pictures were taken in Istanbul, which throbs with commerce.

You could buy brooms, pails and mops…

drink freshly squeezed pomegranate juice…

eat roasted chestnuts and corn…

have your shoes shined…

buy fresh fish…

and nibble a pretzel.

10 thoughts on “Turkey (street vendors)

  1. Salley – my hubby is there now. I showed him your pictures before he left – all of the textiles and colors. I just wish I could have shown him the vendors. But he will see soon enough. Thank you for taking us along with you. This is wonderful.

    • Hi Sharon, I’m sure that the trip will influence my work somehow, but can’t see anything clearly at the moment. It’s all a jumble of colors and textures in my mind. Over time, the experience will become part of me and will poke its head into my art occasionally.

  2. Turkey is one of those places you rarely hear about – I had no idea what it looked like! Wonderful to get a peek inside this country. My first thought when I saw the man in the first photo was – “gnome!”

  3. How nice of you too show us the pics of Turkey the people and their goings on during the day, real people real ways and thank you too educate us about them renee

  4. Enjoyed your latest pictures! Thank you…….it IS true what Jan said about how little is known about Turkey, (except for the obvious big tourist spots). Enjoyed the people pictures!

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